Sensory DeprivationMature

Unknown to Pheobe, Reagan, and James, there was another cell in the facility with three other prisoners.  Andrea Taylors was one of them.  She flickeed a mass of curly brown hair behind her ear and started at the wall.  actually, all of the walls.  Today was an off day, there was commotion in another part of the facility, Adrea had gathered this, and her guards had left her locked in the isolation cell for longer than the required hour.  She boredly staredat her dulled reflection that watched her from the metal door.

Andrea has been experimentally tested on with a new "Psychiatric Therapy"... in other words, it was a legal torture method.  She was to be subjected to sensory deprivation, a method where everyday she was locked in this empty, dirty, smelly, boring room for an hour to... actually she had no idea what the objective was.  Maybe these sadistic Scientists and Guards enjoyed locking 16 year old girls up in rooms.

Anyway, Andrea took the torture, it was part of her nature to just accept and move on, but her temper began to flare when two more hours passed and there was no one to  relieve her.  Andrea resorted to changing her appearnce.  She would scare te guard halfway to hell when he came and got her, not to mention she'd be very uncorroprative.

Andrea smiled as she gave herself a hooknose and ghastly pale complexion that nearly glowed in her reflection.  Her cellmate would be proud of her for having some fun.

As long as they weren't punished for it, anyway.

The End

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