Pheobe: Sports DifficultyMature

"I'm not good at basketball." I told the team for probably sixth team. James laughed and told me if I had the ball, to throw it to him or Reagan. I nodded, and dribbled a few times. I passed it to Reagan, seeing he was the closest one to me. When I passed it, Crackle tried to push me over but I elbowed him in the stomach. I got a foul and also a pissed of guard, but who cares, he shouldn't have tried to push me.

"The girl plays rough." Crackle told the rest of the guards, and I got a look from Pop. He was scary in a "he's so ugly it's frightening" look. Reagan gave me a warning look, although I saw a smile peaking from the corner of his lips. I smiled and he turned his head. I don't know what made us hate each other, but I think if I tried to be nicer to him, we could actually stop hating each other. Right now I needed all of the friends I could get.

The ending score was 14 to 15, we lost only because I got that foul and they got a free shot. Reagan was the only one sort of mad. James was just happy we could go an hour without fighting, and honestly. I was too. Arguing gets tiring after a year.

The End

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