Reagan shook his head and stomped over to the corner he had been earlier.  He leaned against the wall  with one hand held out support, and the other rubbing his temples, trying to alleviate his headache.  That was the one downfall to his powers, all the pain he took away from others just built up on him until it escaped in a major, pounding headache.  He groaned softly and ground his teeth as pain lashed out, then he sighed as it faded slightly.

Reagan looked up across his shoulder.  Pheobe had nodded off into sleep, and James was waving his hand to some silent music in his head.  As Reagan watched, he saw a guard walk down the hall in front of their shared cell.  Suddenly he smiled, with a brilliant idea.  "Hey you!" Reagan Called.  The Guard looked over at him disdainfully.

"What do  you want, you piece of maggot food?"  The Guard said, crossing his arms.  Reagan ignored his anger and turned around. 

"Listen, we're all bored today, it's Sunday so theres no Scientists coming around.  Why not let us out on the basketball court?  We could play a game, us versus a team of Guards."  The Guard laughed when Reagan finished.

"Let you out?  What do you think I am Stupid?"  He snorted, and Reagan thought to himself, You are, but that's not why I asked.

"That's not what I said, is it? It's not like you'd get into trouble, actually it's a better alternative to use getting bored and using our little 'gifts' on you until you guess who it is."  The Guard Grimaced and Reagan smiled a wide, toothy grin while James gave a loud, audible laugh.

"Not funny..." The guard mumbled and shook his head.  "I'll ask the head of the guards, but i'm not promising anything."  He shook his head and mumbled something before walking off.

James jumped up and aimed a high-five at Reagan.  "Good thinking man!  See, when you and Pheobe aren't fighting you can actually get something done!"  Reagan just shrugged.

"Sure, whatever."  He watched Pheobe as she shook herself awake.

"Whaa?"  She mumbled.

The End

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