Reagan rolled his eyes from his croner as he watched the 'leader', Phoboe.  "Yeah, paint them pink phoboe, it's match wonderfully with his eyes." Raegan snorted and got up and walked over to phoboe.  he knocked the bottles of nail enamel out of her hand and glared at her while they clattered onto the stone floor.  "Nail polish?  Why do you act so useless sometimes?"

It was no secret that Reagan didn't like Phoboe.  what wasn't common knowledge was why. Phoboe was always the one with the ideas, the 'backbone' and the one out of the group that was a natural leader, and Reagan was just there, a resource to the gang.  But Reagan was a people person. He could watch others and actually understand their actions, and know their motives.  Not to mention it was his power Phoboe had threatened the guard with.

He studied Phoboe until the Guard was out of earshot, then hissed lowly to her.  "And why the heck did you threaten to use my power?  I thought we agreed to keep it as a secret for when we need it during the escape.  You know I don't like having to use it on random people, and had you picked on the wrong guard I might just have had to!"

The End

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