Escaping The CureMature

Six teenagers have two problems, they have super powers and don't know how to control them, and the government is after them.

Pheobe's World

I’m sitting on the floor in a concrete room with about five other people. You’re probably thinking, oh I’m in jail, no I’m not, but I wish I was.  Us six teens are all in a building underground in the desert of Nevada. Why are we here? We all have different reasons why we think we’re here, but I know, and tonight, so will everyone else.

Maybe I wasn’t the only one who knew, maybe everyone else knew, but they sure didn’t share their opinions about the truth. Out of all six, I’m the boss, or at least feel like it, probably because I’m Pheobe, and that’s what I do best, boss people around, especially when I’m scared. I hate feeling out of control, so by bossing people I barely know around, I feel in control of something. I don’t think the group likes me very much, sadly, but I’ll get over it. Tonight, I’m doing the impossible, I thought of a plan, and tonight I’m going to tell everybody.

I looked around and noticed Reagan, probably the one that hated me the most, so I tried not to boss him around much. Usually it would just start a fight, which got more tiring every day. I’ve been here for about a year, maybe more. I’ve lost time, trying to scratch lines in the wall on how many days I’ve been in here doesn’t work anymore. Hell, I’m not even sure what day it is. 

Sometimes I would change into an animal, or something to give myself some amusement, but it drained my energy, so I didn’t do it very often, that’s how I got my idea.  In one day, at 2 o’clock I would wake everyone up by turning into a mosquito and buzzing their ears, so no one can hear us, then I would turn into the key they use to open up the gates, and then someone would open it. The person that opened the gate would keep me in their pocket, and use me to open the other gates and stuff, and then we would run until dawn, and open up my savings account I had been using for college, and use it for disguises and hotel rooms.  It wasn’t bulletproof, or even very good, but even if we got caught they would just take us back here. They wouldn’t kill us; they needed us, which is why we could try this plenty of times.

I soon came back to Earth, letting my thoughts go into the back of my mind. I looked up and noticed Reagan looking at me. “What?” I snapped quickly, not thinking. I hated when people stared at me and I didn’t know why. “Sorry.” I corrected. “What’s up?” He said nothing and looked down at his feet.  I was bored. Way too bored. I walked up to the gate and yelled really loud, too loud actually. The others groaned and told me to quiet down. A guard came about five minutes later (they were usually down in their offices) and told me to shut up. “No you shut up and get me some nail polish.” I told him. He rolled his eyes and said no. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him close to the bar. “Bring me some bright yellow nail polish before I give you so much pain your brain would explode.” I threatened. He nodded and ran to go find em some nail polish.

The guards knew we had powers, but they didn’t know what powers we had, and who had them. I always threatened the guards with someone else’s power, seeing mine wasn’t very threatening, I mean I guess I could turn into a poison dart frog, or a wolf or something, but that took too much energy, and I usually just wanted nail polish or something like that. I had a bucket with about five colors, all that I have already used. I had blue, pink, purple, lime green, and orange. I wanted yellow.  I waited right by the gate until he came back in fifteen minutes with five new colors, yellow, black, white, red, and gray.  

“Paint my nails pink!” James joked. He could create this dimension which served as a toy box where he could store stuff in.  He was pretty cool, and probably my only friend. He joked around a lot, which made being in this hellhole a little easier. It was getting darker. Soon it would be time.

The End

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