Alyssa escaped the facility. Meg didn't. Alyssa is risking everything to save her. If she can't, Meg will be doomed to torture innocent people for the rest of her life, which might be forever.

The blood gushed out of her arm and onto the bright white tile floor, turning it crimson.  Groaning, Alyssa grew paler by the second; she was one of many.  Thinking that they would be women's representatives in the Shirmana army, they had signed up.  They had been tricked; "training" was really just getting the latest of the country's weapons tested on you, and who knew what came next?  There was a sharp pain in her shoulder; the last injection.  Her wound closed, she stopped bleeding.  "All right, you have six hours to rest, then get back on your feet and do it all over again."  Meg said, giving her and extra hour.  Alyssa and Meg had been best friends since they were little.  It had always been Meg's dream to be a nurse, and Alyssa's to be in the army.  "You should have been a nurse,"  Meg whispered as Alyssa stood up to leave.

"I know; I just thought it was a real army."  Alyssa replied bitterly.

"We all did."  Alyssa turned around, only slightly, just enough to see her best friend one last time before she was injured again.  She walked off, unharmed, but angry, and planning an escape.

The End

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