"I'm what?" Kristopher asked, his face lit with shock. "How are you even getting to the Congo? Isn't that in Africa?"

"There's a missionary trip willing to take both of us there, if you want to go." I crossed my fingers behind my back. It would be so much better if he would come with.

He gripped the arm of the couch and sat down, staring at me. "So... so you really want me to go with you?" 

I nodded and sat down next to him. "I think it'd be fun. And it'd be good to get your mind off... you know."

"I don't know," he said. "I-I have to think about it. Maybe Aelia will take me back. How is she supposed to do that if I'm in Africa?"

He got up, put on his coat, and walked to the door. "I'm gonna get something for dinner."

"Can I come with?" My stomach growled loudly.

"I guess so." He shrugged and tossed me my jacket before opening the door and walking into the hallway outside our apartment. 

The End

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