The Good and the Bad

For a few seconds, I stared at the closed door of Kristopher's bedroom before shaking my head.

"Of course this had to happen today," I thought aloud as I turned up the TV volume. "Nothing ever stays good for long. Something always has to happen."

Nothing interesting seemed to be on television. For a brief moment, I considered trying to talk to Kristopher, but I quickly shoved the idea away. He needed some time by himself for this. I willed myself to think about my upcoming trip instead.

Ever since I read that article about the Congo, I've wanted to go there. Now it was finally happening and what was I doing? 

Sitting on the couch watching re-runs of stupid television shows, of course. 

I wanted to be excited. I wanted to be so happy that I'd jump up and cheer, because that's what I would've done a few years ago. But now that it was actually here, so close and so real... All I felt was fear.

The End

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