After putting my phone away, I rushed off to my bedroom. I shared a two bedroom apartment with my best friend, Kristopher. His room was across the hall.

Opening my door, I slipped inside and flicked on the light. Posters of dinosaurs were hanging off my walls and magazines and books sat on the floor, open to a specific page or article. I'd developed a passion for paleontology when I was nine or ten years old and it's only grown since then. 

I sat down at the edge of my bed and picked up the closest book. It was open to a page about dinosaurs living in the present world; the book that had began my life goal- finding proof of living dinosaurs. I flipped to the next page, which listed off the top five places where there were sightings for dinosaurs. The Congo was number one. 

There was a tinkling sound from the front door. Kristopher was home. I left my bedroom, closing the door behind me, and walked out to greet him. By the time I got to the living room, he was already sitting on the couch.

"Hey." I sat down next to him. "Guess what happened a few..." 

I stopped myself when I saw his face. He looked exhausted, with purple shadows under his blue eyes and a sad look on his face. His expression worried me; he usually looked fairly happy. 

"Never mind. It's not important. Did you have a bad day?"

He shrugged, purposefully not looking me in the eye. Something was definitely wrong with him.

"Aelia broke up with me," he said after a few minutes of sitting in silence. 

My mouth hung open slightly with shock. Aelia and Kristopher had been together for almost three years.

"Why?" I asked, giving him a sympathetic look. 

"She just..." He trailed off, standing up.  "Nevermind. I don't want to talk about it."

He ran his fingers through his light brown hair before turning and walking off to his bedroom. My heart sank as he disappeared behind the door. 

The End

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