The Phonecall

It was a Tuesday night when my phone rang. 

"Hello?" I turned down the television as I spoke.

"Hi," a man's raspy voice answered. "May I speak to Robin Kantor?"

"You're speaking to her."

"Oh, right." The man cleared his throat. "My name is Viktor Schneider. I work for the missionary at Clearview Baptist Church."

There was a moment of silence before he continued, as if he forgot what he was doing.

"We're looking for some participants to go on a mission's trip next Friday. The pastor here was wondering if you wanted to join. He said something about you always wanting to go to the place we're visiting."

That statement sparked my curiosity. "Where would we be going?" 

"Er, give me a moment." There was a clunk, as if the man had put the phone down, and papers rustling. Then the man's voice came back."Right, right. We'd be going to the Congo, Africa."

I froze at his words, my heart pounding in my ears. This might be the only chance I'd ever get to go to the Congo and fulfill my dreams. 

"What time do you want me to be there next Friday to leave?"

"Be here at 4:30. We'll be leaving at 5:00." 

"I'll be there." I hung up the phone, my hands shaking terribly. 

The End

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