Why learn in class?Mature

My baby purrs through the parking lot of what can be called an archetectual marvel as I park in my usual spot, number 2012. I think the school gave us such a spot that accentuates both my car and the building if someone were ever to take a picture of the two, so far its been in every publicity shot for the school, including every brochure and poster or Mahgurll High. The guy who runs the place, Jordan McGee, is a good friend of my Dwight's, which should give me an unfair advantage. Unfortunatly, that advantage is no longer in effect due to "the incident" of last November. Said "incident" had involved some 200 kittens, and a PTA meeting. Lets just say, the parents and faculty don't enjoy a lot of shaved pussy.

To be completly honest, this school is so clean cut, its practically a prison for the wealthy. Don't get me wrong, its hell of a lot better than being at home all day. But there are other places I'd rather be. Hell, I've probablly learned more everywhere else besides this school. And today would be no different.

I reach into my pocket and assure myself of the folded paper. I take my keys open the door and step out. I take my casual stride to the doors of the school. I pull back the large glass door and let the beautiful brunette walk through, a sultry thanks escapes her lips as she glides on by. As you walk though the doors, the building practically opens up. The Garden, as us students call it, is practically the outside trapped in a glass box. It feels kind of wierd talking through the school when you're the only one dressed differently, or act differenty for that matter.

I walk though the office doors and up to the woman practically glued to her office chair.
"I'd like to see Mr.McGee"
"Do you have an appointment?"
"No, I don't unfortunatly. I was told to give this not to him by my mother. Says its urgent." I lie to her so I don't have to sit around all day.
"Your name please?"
"Theodore. Theodore Wallace"
"Dwight's son?"
" Right. I'll let Mr.McGee know. Please take a seat."

For some reason, as nice as this school is, the chairs in the office are so uncomfortable. While I'm trying to make myself comfortable, trying being the key word, a famillar face walks into the room. Fuck me, its CT, the other half of my science project.

" Hey DK Dusty, you gonna show up to class?"
" I wish I could CT, but I gotta get this sorted out" I wave her the paper in my pocket.
" Whats that? Suspention slip?"
"Ha Ha smartass. Its a transfer script"
" Bullshit"
"Mabye CT, mabye."
She rolls her eyes and walks out the door.

The End

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