The beginning & an End.Mature

I didn't have any choice of moving from where I had spent my childhood. To be honest, I had no idea I was moving till two weeks ago. I wasn't gonna fight with them, so I just packed my things and waited for the day we left Quinntown.

The car was packed up and ready to go. I was told we were moving to AmVis Falls. From what I've heard, it was Pavana's newest city. All I had to do was live through my last school day at Mahgurll High. "

The final day in such a vacent house, and its almost like ghosts have slowly taken over. Too bad this place was never a home, I just might miss this place. But fuck it, if I have to spend another day in this godforsaken place, I just might jump out the second story window.

I wake up in what I had once called my room and drag myself to the washroom across the hall to have a shower. When all is clean I dry myself off and throw on the last outfit this town will see me in. I fill my pockets with the usual. A pack of gum, my cell phone, my keys, iPod, and a note I've handwritten in such a way that ever so mirrors my mother's. Speaking of mirros, I look into one to see that all is good. I put my expensive headphones on, and stride downstairs. (Dwight, my step-dad, thinks he can buy love.What a fool.) My morning hits the usual speedbump as soon as I walk into the kitchen.

"Come home right after school, okay? I don't want you missing out on  dinner, Dwight is making us something special before we head out. Besides, its your turn to watch Garrett."  
"huh?" I take my headphones off.
"Come home after school to watch your step-brother"
"Why can't the step-sister do it?"
"She has a project to finish, so please come home okay?"
"Whatever you say mom. I really gotta go. Love ya, bye."
"aren't you gonna eat anything?"
I'm not that hungry, I'll pick somehting up on the way to school."
"Okay, have a good day hun and I'll see you whe I get home."

I walk out the door and lock it with a single key. I put the key into the mailbox and head towards my car. Its pink in the front and black in the back. With a pretty little lady on the driver's side. Lets just say my car's like something out of The Fast and The Furious. I hop in and plug in my iPod. Suddenly the bass gets booming. Dwight, you fool, I tell myself every morning and this one's no different. I back out of the drive way and on to the road. Everyone on the block hears me as I leave to school.

The End

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