The adventure begins

Sunlight streaked in through the shattered window pane, the light dancing across Matt's face as he slept lightly before he jumped up. She was beside him, still sleeping, but had moved away when he woke up, disturbing her sleep temperarily. Muttering a few words, Jamie rolled onto her stmach and lay still once again, as Matt pulled himself to his feet. As always, there wasn't a soul in sight, and an emptiness felt heavier in his stomach as he scanned the horison, looking for danger. There was nothing, the devastated town seemed surprisingly peaceful, his various emotions, worry, calm and despair rippled across before they settled on his round face. After thinking for a long time, Matt strolled around the room, his fingers running against the peeling wallpaper, a pattern he thought was hideous, repeating itself over and over. There was a shuffling noise behind him, and he turend to see Jamie watching him curiously and intensly, the light illuminating her brown skin, tanned from the days in the overheating sun. Her brown hair hung matted around her freckled face, curling thickly past her chin and down to her shoulder blades. A battered rucksack hung limply off her boney shoulders, it acrried their only belongings which wasn't much. A bottle or two of water, bread, some cheese and a few peices of fruit from a tree they discovered a few weeks ago. Even such basic supplies were a luxury to them. A brief smile flickered across their faces, almost identical before Jamie's disapeared among her fear and worry of the unknown. "Let's go." Matt said coldly, his voice was ice in his desperation to keep her safe and escape from their lives so far. Deep down, he knew there was a possibility that the whole world was like this, only a few survivors living off of their hope, but he didn't let this stop him, he had to keep going and push down the thought. Once again he smiled weakly at Jamie and they walked out of the ransacked building as they started on their adventure. Neither of the children spoke as they stayed low, ducking for cover whenever possible, not wanting to risk being seen by them. Soon they were away form the worst areas of disaster and when they were sure nobody was around they talked in low voices, keeping hidden behind some barrels of petrol. "Where are we going to go Matt? How do we know that everywhere else isn't like this?"

"Because, I just know Jamie. I will keep you safe, I'd die to protect you if necessary. You have a family out there somewhere, your dad is probably waiting for you now. Me, well even you know I don't have anybody out there, as long as I know you're safe, I'll be happy."

"But Matt! Your mum was on her own, you have a dad out there aswell somewhere too, he might not know it, but he has a son. You need to find him no matter what. Even we get seperated we will meet again sometime."

"OK, but if we're really going through with this, then we'll need a plan," He pulled a slightly torn map out of his pocket and opened it up, explaing different places to Jamie. "I say we go to the nearest town and go from there. We can go through the woodlands, but that will be dangerous, if we get seperated we should carry on and meet up in Croyton, that small village just north of the forest. So, are you ready?" She paused before answering, her sparkling eyes never leaving his. "Yes."

The End

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