Escape from City of the Damned

Matt and his best friend Jamie are desperate to escape from their hometown, which lays in ruins after a mysterious accident. With nobody to stop them, they set off not realising the danger they have thrown themselves into. Escaping from the unnamed town is harder than they could ever have imagined. Can they save the citizens of the town or, will they remain prisoners to the City of the Damned?

The last rays of the orange sunset begn to fade into the fast aproaching night sky, the deserted town was only a shell of it's former self. Many of the houses lay in ruins, those that were still standing had missing sections or some walls caved in on themselves. A young boy, small for his age, sat in one of the buildings that still stood, the wind blowing his hair from the broken window. Thinking he was alone, he stood up and leant against the rough wall, the plastering was falling off in places and dug into his skin, leaving marks across his cheeks. The owners of the house had left the town months ago with most of the small population, in the middle of a war zone, they scarpered to the hills, looking for a safe place. After a long time staring at the hills on the horison, he cast his mind back to the day he lost her to the mobs that were on the streets then. It was only months ago when it all started, everyone ran crazily, looking for a way to escape the horror, sometimes he could still hear her scream, calling for him. When he focused hard enough, he could feel the warmth of her soft hand in his, dragging him frantically away from it. They tried to get to the boat everyone was using to leave when the monster appeared again, the sound was horrific, scraping of metal on wood as it tore through the countryside. He could feel the mob surrounding him pushing him into the boat, suffocating him as he tried to keep up with his mother. The platform lifted on the boat, people were thrown into the water, the army pushing everyone back, they let her on, but he lost her grip in the crowd. He couldn't get on, there was a constant shoving, pushing him back into the mob. On the monsters arm, something clunked loudly into place making everyone stop and look at the creature. A loud whirr echoed over the valley as it investiagted the scene, the boat started chugging away while everyone was distracted. When he heard the scream, he knew what was happening, it had a weapon. Everyone started pushing toward sthe boat again, even though it had already left, trying to get out of the town. Then the strangest thing happened, instead of aiming at the crowd on the shore, it moved it's arm up to the boat, after a moments pause, it fired. In a split second, the boat exploded into millions of peices, scattering in the water and over the crowd who cried out for the people onboard. A scream sounded over the overs and then he realised where it had come from, it came from him. He lost the only person he loved and too soon he was dragged cruely into reality, rolling on the floor in the abandoned house with cool hands on is face, holding him still. The face was familiar, it calmed him down instantly. "Matt,.. Matt it's ok, you're safe, I'm here and I've got you...sshhh." She looked so friendly it soothed his rage and sorrow. "Jamie, it was horrible we have to get out of here before they come back, it was horrible..." He drifted back to his disturbed sleep, full of nightmares and depression.

The End

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