Escape From Amazon

     My leg cramps. I cannot move. My ankles are bound, my wrists are tied, there is a gag in my mouth and a blindfold over my eyes. A loud thrumming noise tells me I'm on a helicopter. That noise has been there for a day, maybe more. My everything aches with the vibration.

      "Time for a little adventure," someone says, removing my blindfold. Four men occupy the copter.  One of them is pointing a gun at me. "No funny business or he'll shoot. Okay?" The first speaker stands to one side of the gunman. He is skinny with ginger hair that sticks out in all directions, has a scruffy beard lanced through with silver and is missing several fingers from his left hand. My legs and arms are unbound but they do not let me remove my gag. My heart shoots to my throat when one of the men hands me a parachute.

      "Put it on." the scruffy man says. I do so, hoping fervently that we are not over the ocean. The door to the helicopter slowly slides open.

      "Have fun," he says as he pushes me out. I fall with a scream and a grope for the cord. After ten terrifying seconds I find it and pull. A bright orange parachute opens above me. I look down to see where I'm landing and my mouth drops open. A bright green lawn stretches out for miles. What is it? I wonder.

        Trees. More trees than you've ever seen before, all in one place. The Amazon. My parachute snags on the top branches of a tree and looking down I realize that the ground is still too far away. Way too far away. I curse the trees for being so damn tall.

    Before the whole helicopter thing happened, my captor had told me, curiosity brimming in his eyes, that I could bring three things with me to my undisclosed new home. Any three things. I could've asked for machine gun, a pony and 53kgs of beef jerky and I get the feeling I would've gotten it. Instead, though, I asked for a journal with a pencil and a pen, a digital camera with 10 fully charged batteries and a hunting knife. I had no idea where I was going but wherever it was I was going to document the heck out of it and cut stuff up.

Had I known it would be the Amazon... I probably would have asked for the gun, the pony and the jerky. Although the pony might not have been too happy about the whole parachute thing.


The End

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