I heard footsteps, runing footsteps.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" He screamed, I could feel his cold breathe on my ear as I winced in pain.

"I'm gonna go steal some stuff, iiin five minutes, I expect you to be there and help me," Her told me, whilst pointing in the direction of a small cottage. He got up, and walked off.

I used my hands to push myself up from the wet gravel. I was limping, I had definately done something to my leg. I scaned around me - he was out of sight. I tried to run as fast as I could, my leg was giving me pain but I did the best I could.

I ran and ran, down a dark, scary road. I noticed a house I recognised, it was Bethany's. I felt so relieved. I limped to their door and slammed on it as hard as I could.

"Help, help!" I screamed, slamming the door as tears of happiness came to my eyes.

I heard a voice coming from above, it was Bethany's mum. I craned my neck to see her poking her head from her window.

"What ever is the matter?!"

" Car, man, I run, I fall, I hurt leg, he is probably running after me..." I stammered.

"I'm coming down immediately!" Mrs. Cogness shouted.

I waited a few seconds until the door swung wide open, and she enveloped me in a big hug.

"Come in, let's clean you up while you tell me the full story,"

She beckoned me in. I was safe. Now she just need to call the police...


The End

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