Escape from Alex

Alex took Katie off in a car, will she escape? Will she get home?

10:02 PM , mum wanted me home at 9:30, she is gonna be so mad. "What's up, babe?" muttered Alex, whilst sharply turning the wheel to turn a corner.  "  Nothing ... Alex"

" So I don't get a pet name then?" He sneered. God he made me feel uncomfortable. Where was he taking me again?

"Um, where are you taking me?" I mumbled.

"I'm taking you to see the church where my mum's buried, remember?"

"Oh, yeah..." I stammered. I didn't remmeber, I didn't know what was happening! I didn't even know this guy, all I knew was that he was in six form at my school.

It felt like a year had gone by when he finally stopped the car. I was sweating like mad, even though it was a cold, winter evening.

I unbuckled my seatbelt, as I did so he fiercly grabbed my arm. So many things rushed through my mind : I'm only fifteen, I've got GCSE's coming up, what about my mum!

"Listen kid, you do as I say and no one gets hurt," he stared me in the eye, his eyes were glinting with satisfaction as I shakily nodded my head.

I got out the car, stumbling over various brambles, I looked up at the tall, stony church.

"Follow me," he whispered.

I was like a sheep, I slowly walked behind him as he walked toward the church.

"I want you to jump over that fence, climb into that open window and steal whatever you can find," He spoke sharply.

I squinted enough to see an open window, just big enough for me to get through. I nodded yet again and trembled up to the fence.

I jumped over it, my hand covered with my own blood; I wiped it down my trousers; it could be used as evidence against me.

I walked up to the window, I felt the burning sensation in the back of my head telling me that he was staring at my every move.

I edged forward, towards the house. I couldn't do it, I really couldn't.  I ran. I ran as fast as my legs could take me. I heard his voice screaming after me, I didn't care, I carried on running.

"I'll get you!" I heard him call.

I fell over next to his car, I couldn't move my right leg...

The End

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