The Start of the End

A big-city girl decides she has had enough of her troubled life. Against all odds, she runs away from her city life. With her survival skills and supplies, she might be able to pull it off or will she?

         "Wake up you, butthead,"Yells my bratty little sister, Mia."Wake up!" "Shut it." I groan. Ugh, another excruciating day at the prison of school. "Get up, your walking today. I have the shower first. Ha!"screams Mia. I flop out of my stiff old bed and walk to the bathroom. I wait outside while the minature ogre takes a bath. Mia comes out, wrapped in a towel. I shower and get dressed. I wear a plain royal blue shirt and jeans. I put my hair in it's usual french braid. I run down stairs and grab my navy blue bag.I open the front door and breathe in the smell of the outside world.
              I begin my journey to school. I am Talia Johnson, 14 year-old prisoner of the city-world. As long as you're in the city, you're in prison. Got it? Trust me, I've lived here since I was born, and I hate it. Mia is always better than me at everything, except survival. I've been  planning a runaway since...forever. I've already packed everything I need to survive in a backpack, all I need is a bow and a sheath of arrows.

                I enter  my so called, school.  Before me stand my three besties, Jade, Linda, and Ann. "Hit the mall after school?" asks Linda as she files her nails. Linda is the total  girly-girl. Ann is the talented, but shy one, and Jade is the one who would run away with me. I shake my head  in response. "Forget it. I have too much to do."I hiss."Talia!" grunts Jade as she stabs her elbow into my stomach. I turn roughly and walk to my locker. I grab my books and begin to walk to homeroom.

              I bump into someone and  lose  my balance, making me fall to the ground and spill everything in my bag."Oh sorry, I didn't see  you there. It's like you're  totally invisble."says the famillliar voice. I have trouble focusing my sight on the girl,but sure enough it's, Christina Delarosa, the big, bad  wolf of this school. Christina is mean,cruel, and evil.She's popular, everyone's her friend. You have to be her friend or you'll have a miserable life as long as you know her. For example I have a miserable life in school all cause of  Christiana."Oh really? What's that?"I ask. "Watch it Johnson or else..." She  begins her threat."Or what? You're going to make rumors about me. Do I care?No."I retort.

The End

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