Hello Again

I know eventually I'll land somewhere, so I decide to sit back and enjoy the ride. It seems to be hours before I reach an ending point. And even then, it's not really an ending point.

When I land, I see that the slide I came from was metal. Stainless steel, I think. Where I landed, it's concrete. There are two tunnels, both leading in opposite directions: right and left. But it's obvious I don't have much time to make a choice. In between the two tunnels is one huge slicing blade. And it's moving quickly towards me.

There's not really much that'll help me in the choosing of the tunnels. They're both completely dark, and as I feel around the two of them, they're both slides. I decided to take the right one, since I was right-handed. Before I begin the next ride, I look to the side and see the blade pulling back. I hear a strange deep laughter and can't help but think of Batman and the Joker. How the Joker always seemed to laugh maniacally. I quickly slide further in and lay back. This ride is much, much shorter than the first one. In fact, it only lasts a few minutes. I land on some sort of conveyor belt. I turn to get off, but see two men on each side of me. As I peer into their faces, I see that these are my original kidnappers. I barely have time to whisper a “no” before I feel a needle poking into my neck and slowly drift into unconsciousness.

The End

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