Stupidity and Thoughts of Parents

It is often said that parents will support you in everything. Their love and care helps you to grow. But what about mine? I had loved them back so fully, cared for them so much. I wondered if it was truly possible to have your world spun out of control. Mine certainly did. Never in a thousand years would I have imagined that I would be walking away from my house, kidnapped, and my parents simply watching, not even fighting for me. My thoughts are distracted by my feet. They're baking from the sun. I didn't even have time to put shoes on.

The thought depresses me so I focus on my kidnappers. They're dressed all in black. How cliché. I decide to distract myself. I imagine that I'm in one of those cool “Mission Impossible” type movies. Though I am caught now, my superhero self will surely find a way to escape. I suppose that while I was dreaming up this concoction, my body sagged because I felt arms pulling me back up into a standing position. At that point, I realized that these weren't a kidnapper's arms. Not even close. They were holding me firm enough so that I couldn't possibly escape, but gently enough so I wouldn't be hurt. Real kidnappers would hold me roughly, abuse me a bit. This made no sense to me at all. What could it possibly all mean? Not quite kidnappers, but not quite friends either. It's not exactly as if we're going to get tea. Finally we reach a deserted forest. There are no animals, no bugs. It's dead silent. Again I think, What could it possibly all mean? Surely we weren't just going to camp out here. We must've been walking for several miles, according to my legs. As I'm looking around, I notice that we're in an empty circle. Trees surround us for miles. My two kidnappers look around, as if this is completely normal, standing in a random circle in the middle of nowhere. Then, one kidnapper leans against a tree and the other pushes me, and then I'm falling. If this had been a movie, I probably would've laughed. It seemed to me like this was Alice in Wonderland. Except for the fact that I was chasing no rabbit. I wish that was the case.

Adrenaline is pumping through my veins. It feels like I'm on a slide, a huge one. It's pitch-black, so I spread my arms out and attempt to feel the sides of this slide. What a stupid idea, I think a moment later. Why hadn't I thought of friction? The skin on my hands is burning now, and I have a strong urge to bang my head against the wall. I'm sure it would sound hollow.

The End

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