Sunsets and Tall Men

My name is Charlotte Greenwood.   I was one of the Different.  I am 15 years old.  I am going to escape.  I am going to my previous life, no matter what it takes.  This is my story.

            I breathed in.  At this hour, the backyard was beautiful.  My hands itched to draw it.  I took a piece of paper and began drawing every intricate detail, every blade of grass, every elaborate flower.  As I almost finished, I saw the sun was setting.  This was my favorite thing to draw.  Just as I was about to draw the last shadow, Mom called me in.  I left the paper there, sure to get it later. But I suppose the paper didn't quite like to be left.  The wind picked it up and it flew away. I expected to never see it again.


            It was late night when they came knocking on our door.  I had just felt the loss of my drawing.  When I heard Mom’s voice rise, I crept downstairs.

“Mom?  Is everything okay?”  I asked worriedly.  Then I saw the two tall men.  I backed up, until they pushed Mom away.  They grabbed me, dragging me out.  I screamed and held onto anything I could.  And I watched Mom and Dad watch me leave.  I knew I was alone.

The End

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