Escape.  That’s what I wanted.  No, that’s what I needed.  Countless times I have told them that I was not in need of the Institution.  Countless times I have pleaded my case, as if I were in custody.  But always, with a shake of the head, I was ignored and cast with the Different.  I don’t know where the Institution is, only that I was put here under a false recommendation.  As I am thrown unmercifully into the cast of the Different, and they smile, their arms open.  How am I to be put into the group of the Different, when I am certainly a Better?  What have I done to deserve such a cruelty?  But I know the answer.  This is a well-made movie, where everything seems almost too real.  I am the star of the movie, and the Different are my co-stars.  But in this movie, the idea is not to act the best you can. It’s to survive.

The End

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