P.O.W- Prisoners of WarMature

Alexander always gets the worst of it...

"What the fuck do you want,huh?" Lucas yelled at the Russian guards holding him. "We already told you what we want… We want the battle plans!" Lucas growled "I don't fucking know any of the fucking recent battle plans I haven't fucking been to the base in I don't even know how fucking long!" The Russian guard sneered, "Heh, then I guess you still need a reason to talk...okay how about we give you one?" Lucas stared at them strangely, "what the Hells that supposed to mea–" he stopped midsentence "Get off of me...let me go....ugh!" Lucas watched as one of the guards dragged Alexander in and dropped him down to his knees in front of the old rusted tub. "Now you're going to tell us what we want to know or…" The Russian guard holding Alexander's shoved his head underwater in the tub. Alex began jerking around violently, desperately attempting to get his head back up so he could breathe. The Russian guard yanked him out roughly and Alexander coughed and sputtered. "You're not going to be the one who gets hurt" Lucas struggled slightly "please I really don't know anything" The Russian guard smiled, "okay… I'll ask you one more time… The battle plans what are they?" Lucas shook his head. "Look I really don't know okay… C'mon please leave Alexander out of this.." The Russian shrugged "Hmm it looks like we found your weak spot DUNK HIM AGAIN!" Without the other Russian guard thrust Alexander's head underwater once more Alexander began to struggle violently. He was like this for about two minutes before the guard finally pulled him up. Alexander gasped and coughed for the much needed air he hadn't gotten. This continued for about 20 minutes same cycle over and over. Lucas cast a very worried glance over at Alexander he could see that his friend was getting much weaker but he probably couldn't handle much more. "I'll give you one last chance… Give… Me… The plans… NOW!" Lucas trembled slightly, "please… I really don't know… I'm really, really, really don't know!" The Russian guard turned to Alexander and sneered "heh heh...it's a pity he couldn't save you!" With that he nodded to the other guard who promptly chuckled before dunking Alexander's head under the water one last time. Alexander jerked about struggling wildly to get free, "stop, please stop!" Lucas watched as Alexander desperately tried to get out loose but to no avail. His struggles gotten extremely violent and desperate before he went limp. The only motion left in his body was the trembling in his hand. "Please please I don't know a thing please let him go please I don't know anything I swear!" Lucas was crying at this point he looked over at Alexander. His eyes widen with fear as a trembling in the german's hand slowed "A – Alexander?" Then the trembling in his hand stopped and the Russian guard pull him out, letting him fall to the floor. "We have no use for them leave him" with that the two Russians walked out locking the door and leaving. Alexander lay motionless on the floor not even the trembling the in his hand which was normally present it never left never. ' It never leaves his hand always shakes why did it leave now Alexander?' Lucas thought he ran over to his friend . "No...no no no no no no no no no!" Lucas they're down at Alexander. His face was much paler than usual and those blue eyes that we usually so bright and full of life, full of hope, seemed to have Darkened and were rolled upward staring into nothingness. "No… Alexander you're going to live… You're going to be fine!" Lucas overlapped his hands and began pounding on Alexander's chest "come on you have to be okay please" Lucas cried as he continued to thrust against Alexander's chest "come on please...please" Alexander bucked weakly before coughing up the water that was in his lungs. "Alexander!" Lucas took his friend in his arms and propped the him up. "It's gonna okay it's okay… You're going to be okay…" A tear rolled down Lucas his face ' it's okay…' he thought to himself as Alexander breathed in painful gasps of air. "Just breathe...in and out...Berlin....its okay..." Alex clumsily fumbled about attempting to sit up. He tried to push himself up but promptly fell back down "Alexander… Take it easy… You just fucking drowned..." Alexander waited for a second… "I – " alexander's attempt to speak turned into a terrible fit of coughing which then turned to retching. "Alexander… You need to breathe  okay just take it easy..." Lucas looked down sympathetically at the trembling mess in his arms "it's okay… It's going to be okay…" He whispered to himself.*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Tap.tap.tap.tap.tap. "Lucas?" Dmitri look forward."Lucas!"  Lucas walked into the room carrying Alexander and promptly bolted the door behind him. "What happened to him?!" Kaito asked. "He drowned..." Dimitri talked his head sideways "he… Drowned?" Lucas growled, "you're fucking soldiers wanted to know some shit that I don't have any fucking idea about and decided hey let's just fucking kill one of your guy's' best fucking friends!" He grab the front of dmitri'a jacket and yanked him up "so yeah… He drowned!" Kaito put a hand on Lucas his shoulder "Lucas… Calm down." Lucas took a deep breath before letting go of Dimitri. He sighed."I'm sorry… I just… He… He almost didn't make it, he stopped breathing, his heart stop beating… I – I thought he was gone, I thought we were going to lose him…" Dimitri straightened his jacket "no… It's okay I – I completely understand…"  Alexander groaned and shifted slightly Lucas Looked down at him. "He's not doing so well…" Lucas Took off his jacket and folded it up before laying Alexander down the jacket serving some what as a pillow. "We need to get out of here…" Alexander coughed and gasped Lucas cast a glance over at him and saw that he was awake. "Alexander…" Alex looked up "L – L – Lu – lu…cas?" He finally managed to choke out.he sat up. Lucas was amazed he could barely talk yet he could find the strength to sit up. "W – W – we n-need to get out of here!"Alex stood though his legs wobbled under him "Alexander… You need to calm down okay you're in no position to be trying to escape we'll wait and till-" "no…" Alexander begin to walk forward. The poor soldier had only taken three steps before he collapsed to the floor once more. "Alex!" Lucas rushed over and shook him slightly before sighing "he's out cold…" Lucas pick him up "alright now let's get out of here" Lucas opened the door and they all ran out of the room. They ran through the musty Corredor "L – Lucas?" Alexander coughed out "Alex hey bud it's gonna be okay" "O-okay"Alexander mumbled   Deliriously. tap.tap.tap."Heh heh heh look who decided to show up!" Lucas looks forward to see the rushing guard that he fought earlier. He laid Alexander down so you want to fucking fight huh? Huh bitch want to fucking fight coming fucking get it fucking bitch!" Alexander sat up Lucas looked over"Hey, you guys try to get going okay?" The other three nodded and ran off down the corduroy. Alexander ran ahead. He kept this up for five minutesbefore spinning heel "guys?" No response "guys!" Still no response"guy-" A Russian guard stepped in front of them "well well well what have we here… I thought I killed you, given the fact that you've already drowned once, you must be pretty weak…… That should make this easy!"The guard lunged at him. Alexander felt the Russian's hands wrap around his throat as he was pinned against the wall. "Ah!" Alexander let out a strangled cry, and fought for air only to have none come. He desperately clawed at the guards arms. His lungs burned and he trembled due to insufficient oxygen to his brain. "Arexander!" Kaito ran into the room to find his friend. Bang! Kaito shot the guard. Alexander stumbled and fell because the Russian was no longer holing him up. Kaito ran over and knelt beside him, putting a hand on the trembling german's shoulder. "He's in here!" Tap.tap.tap. Lucas and dmiritri ran into the room. "Dammit!" Lucas picked an unconscious Alexander up, "let's go!" With that the 3 ran outside. "Now what?" he growled growled. Beep.beep. Lucas,kaito, and dmitri looked forward. Screech."Get in!" Charles had indeed escaped sector 12 and was now their getaway. They jumped in the car and it sped off.*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*"Ey.... Is the German alright?" Lucas looked over at the curled up, trembling mess next to him. "He's not doing to well...how the hell did you escape, Charles?" Charles looked back slightly, "simple, I picked the lock to my cuffs then I killed the guards then I hotwired a car and poof! Now what happened to Alexander?" AAlexander set up "lots of things happening to me which ones are you referring to?" He coughed a bit Lucas sighed. "Alexander, I don't know if talking is the best thing for you right now, you sound like somebody fucking ripped your lungs out and shoved them back down your throat…" Alexander looked over at Lucas and smirked "well then that means I can do this;" he cleared his throat "hello Amanda, I want to play game! Do I sound like saw Lucas?huh do I do I do I do I do I do I-" Alexander coughed a bit more, "… Do I?" Lucas stared at him, "… Actually… You kinda do that's fucking creepy!"  Alex grinned, "that's the poin-" Alexander coughed and retched into his sleeve for a minute, "Alex are you ok?" Alec nodded and put his arm down before taking a deep breath. "Alex! L-look at your sleeve!..." Alexander looked down. His eyes grew wide with fear when he saw that large blood soaked stain where he had coughed. He looked up at Lucas, his breathing quick and shallow. Lucas put a hand on his shoulder, "It's gonna be okay Berlin. Just hang in there." Alex nodded and leaned  back against the seat, letting his exhaustion and stress take over him as his eyes drooped closed. This was going to be a long trip.

The End

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