Turbo-Train 390 [Part Two]

I laughed at the stupidity of the name. "So, is this like a hotel?"

Now he was the one to laugh. "You really are the stupid one, aren't you?"


"This is just the transport." JUST THE TRANSPORT!? If this was 'just the transport' then what would the actual thing be like?

I sat down on my bed and felt around in my left pocket. Nothing was there, so I tried the right (and right) one. A small leaflet was in it, so I took it out and read it.

Bla bla bla, room, bla bla bla, pool on roof, bla bla bla, we hope you enjoy your stay. I fumbled around in my pocket and felt something else. A small box. I took it out. It was yellow with purple patches (Combining my favourite colours) and it had 'My Stuff' written on it. I opened it it and there was a key.

Suddenly I heard, "We're here!"

The End

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