Sorting Through Spam

I sat down on the sofa, turning on my iPad. I carefully put in password, making sure nobody was around. Well, there wouldn't be. It was, after all, nine o'clock in the morning on a Saturday. None of my family would be up at this time.

I looked at the familiar apps. Calendar, Music, YouTube and Notes. Not to mention Mail, with a red circle and a number five inside. I tapped the icon and the app opened. I began to read the first email. Then the second, then the third, then the fourth and then the fifth. I looked at the spam folder. Just one new one. I tapped it and read the email.

To: Jacob Conwell

You have been selected to try out our brand new service, eScape!

Sick of your life?

Want a better one?

Want to live out your fantasies?

Want to do anything you like, without breaking the rules?

You can do all this with eScape!

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The End

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