One thing is all I want: an escape. And not an escape from this world filled with violence and hate, but an escape from myself. From my mind…though changing this world would be pleasurable.

But what if our world wasn’t like how it is? I mean, what if it was completely altered and it appeared a certain way, but was really aberrant? But it’s not. Let’s stick to that thought. We need to face the fact that our planet is not what we wanted it to be. (If it’s what you want, you must be some form of slow.)

I think that the escape we all want is really from ourselves and not from the what’s around us. Though the world contributes to our downfalls, it is not always the cause. But what if we could all just band together and try to change it all? Maybe we wouldn’t have so many breakdowns. But then again…escape.

How can I just escape?

The End

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