One man and his destiny...
One change at redemption.
One path out of hell.
One life to safe and one to destroy...
Soon ...
Very soon a choice will be made...

Do you ever feel like your skin is so tight over  your body that breathing becomes a harship ?

No ?

Well I obviously have.That is why I ma in my current state of imprissionement.

Where exactly I have no idea,but who has me I am almost sure I can tell you his name.

Belchior,a ruler of dark forces that try and control a country that knows no owner.Amid strong sun days and devastating cool nights we have travelled this fast desert to my place of misery.

Here I am until it is decide  the fact I refuse to say anything worth of my staying alive is enought to comdem to death.

Soon he will arrive,soo this pain will cease to centre my entire existence,soo i will make one final attemp at freedom.

But until then I feel on my feeverish skin a stroke of fresh air that breach the walls and cools my heated skin.

I expell a most needed it breath and allow myself to feel almost human again,forgoten are the bruises and aches all over my body,forgoten is the fact I have yet to sleep trough an entire night without being dragged  out to another beating session of questions that will forever be unaswered,I am a prissioner not a rat.

And yet while the breeze cool my skin it also allows me to go back to the moment of my captor and I recall why my distress is now reminding me why is better to focus on the thing at hand and not of what is left behind.

His partner had not met a most fortunely end.While he had been separed death and been brought here ,his partner at meet his maker that night.

Death at 32,such a waste and with a young wife and  a baby on the way it seemed even more.

Outside the evening was bringing the sounds of shoothing calm,no water had been given to him today or food for that matter,the use of toilet facilities where provide by a dirty bucket on the far end of his cell,and the smell coming from it was enough to make him which they would not give him any food tonight.

With closed eyes he calculated his changes of coming out of this alive.Very bad,low at best since he had no weapon or means to discover where he was or where to go.

But still he plans,still he thought  and another night was past in hell.

The End

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