Escapade cont.Mature

I woke up to gentle shake, foolishly thinking it was my mother who had found me sleeping on the bus again, or the nice bus driver who is courteous enough to not play music while driving.  Instead, I was startled by bright blue eyes that gleamed of...happiness?  Hope?  Neither.  Something...different.  I focused my pupils on his expression.  He was grinning like a madman and I realized I was the only one left.  Even though I was chained, it seemed a bit comforting to be here with this stranger.  Though, I did scooch away a little.  I wanted to keep my distance.  I tried to keep a straight face resisting the urge to giggle in this situation.

“Hello,” he punctuated the silence with, startling me.  I turned up my face to his.  His voice was not quite deep, but a mixture of cold aloe to the skin.  It was cool and soothing to hear.  I attempted a slight smile, knowing it already looked fake.

“Hello yourself,” I replied, trying to keep my voice steady.

“Sleeping already?”

“Yes.  I sleep when I’m overwhelmed,” I blurted.  Damn it, I cussed to myself.  I tried to cover up my faint blush with a smirk.  It probably came off stiff and very obvious.  “I’m allowed to sleep here, correct?”

His lips go up a bit more, probably not expecting banter from a child like me.

“You can sleep where you want, though I wouldn’t advise this as worthy of your ranking.”  While he’s talking, he unlocks my handcuffs and gestures for me to sit next to him, both doors of the van open.  I jerkily move to sit next to him on the rim, my legs hanging off, sharply angled.  He’s tall, and must look down to talk to me which causes his blond hair to fall just above his eyes.  It’s a rough cut and makes him look rugged even though he’s anything but.


The End

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