The Chi-Town Sisters

In 2098, after the war between Humans and Superhumans, it was announced that the Superhuman race is nearly extinct. Somewhere in the United States, in Sector-Fifteen, a minor city that surrounds Chi-Town, fifteen-year-old hellion Praire Devlyn finds herself in hot water with the wrong end of the authority when she opts to hunt the remaining few Superhumans all around the world alongside them. But, when she notices electrostatic waves surging through her muscles she isn't sure what she is getting

The deluge of torrential October rain that hit earlier was teeming down the Hayhauler Road, forming vast puddles of water and road grit in the middle of the road. The darkening sky still held a substantial glow emitted by the night’s rising crescent moon. The bulbs in the streetlamps seem to have relinquished their individual shining white lights and, instead, radiated a soft yellow, sunny glow that looked incompatible with the blanket of sheer darkness that veiled the Hayhauler. Somewhere in the corners of the dark street, a tomcat’s yowl bounded against the walls followed by an oversized shadow of a rat that scarily stretched across the pavement of the walkway. The stores and tea cafés that lined the streets of the Hayhauler were deserted at that hour, as was expected. Sector Fifteen was a massive and void abyss of obscurity during the nighttime.

Praire didn’t bother protecting her head from the pelts of rain that poured down that night. Instead, she decided to tuck her hands deeper into her jacket pockets and strode through the downpour, regardless of the showers. It was good; she was adapting to the miserable cascades of rain. She cringed at the sound of a squish from beneath her shoes and restrained herself from examining the mire she imagined clinging onto the soles of her shoes. She stepped out of the mire and rubbed her soles onto the curb, hoping that the grime would be wiped away.

She flipped her hood over her head and ventured further into the rain.



The End

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