"We start carrying semi-automatics, they buy automatics. We start wearing Kevlar, they buy armor piercing rounds..."
-Batman Begins

The night was dark. Rain came down in sheets as squad cars surrounded the building. It was an old bank, almost Gothic in design. Inside one of its massive vaults, something had exploded. The vault had been blasted open from the inside, with no evidence of anything having been stolen, the police had to assume the perpetrator was still inside.

High above, in a hotel room with a good view of the bank, a dark figure watched from the window. Behind him the late night news reporter was speaking on TV.

"...have no idea what has just taken place inside the bank. Police are investigating, but cant as of yet find evidence of anyone being inside. Chief what is going on in there?"

"No questions please." The old police chief said. "We are conducting a thorough inv--"

There was sudden silence and darkness as the TV was turned off.

"Your father was right." A young man's voice came out of the gloom. "You were right. It is possib..." He trailed off as the  older man turned away from the window.

"Thirty years of research, a life sentence in prison." The man smiled in the gloom. "I didnt escape just to have the truth slip through my fingers." A large hand found the young man's collar. "Find that creature, and bring him to me."

The End

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