Unpacking what's Inside

A loud thud is accompanied by a slumping crinkle, plastic bags settling on the counter. Sturdy hands pull out their contents, transporting them meticulously to their new homes: milk into the fridge, meat into Ziplocs and into the freezer, those red apples out of their own wasteful bag and rolled into a mesh wire bowl. Boxes are thrust into the pantry, the empty white bags crumpled and tied into spheres to be stowed beneath the sink.

What have you got yourself into, Geoff?

He turns to leave the kitchenette, a deft spin that sends his vision circling over the figure of Ivan before him. Absent of the black canvas bags, absent of the fitted green tee, absent of the body-hugging jeans that showed off his---

Another spin returns Geoff’s eyes to the real world, staring down the nondescript off-white cupboards above the faux-marble counters.

“I’ve been keeping this bottled up much too long,” he mutters.

He felt as if he'd been spinning circles all day. One last quick turn spurs him out of the room, chased by the phantom voice of Ivan: “Then just get it out, Geoffrey.”

Hurried hands grope the handle of a drawer, pulling it open for his eyes to peer inside. Some pens roll about in the bottom, and a book reveals itself. Nothing. Muffled curses escape Geoff’s lips, accompanied by the slap of wood on wood.

Don’t you think that way, kid.

Geoff’s quest takes him past his laptop, but he shakes his head and averts his eyes. He’d sworn that vice off long ago. Instead, he retreats back to the bedside drawer, pulling a pen from its bowels. A glance about the room allows him to find another object of his desire, a bound notebook of stark white paper.

The pen cap pops off easily under his thumb; the shaft spins in his deft fingers to alight on the pristine paper.

A soft sigh.

A fluttering of eyelids.

Curves spill from the instrument, lines and angles drawn in ink across the page. None are calculated, and none are planned. Everything that happens here happens on a whim, is emitted via emotion: Geoff’s dreams spilling into reality.

The End

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