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A young woman explores her secret medical / heartbeat fetish, and her body with a stethoscope in the middle of the night.

She had always had a sexual fascination with medical equipment, and especially stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs. It was a fetish she couldn't tell anyone about, nor could she indulge in it unless no one was around, or everyone in her house was asleep. 

She took a big risk going to the college bookstore that day and buying a stethoscope. It was a purple Sprague stethoscope by Prestige Medical, and it came in a plastic zipper package with extra ear tips and an extra pediatric diaphragm. Just the thought of using it, of touching and smelling that rubber tubing, of feeling that rubber tubing against her bare chest, sent trembles down her spine and made her walls clench with arousal. She hid the stethoscope under the couch she slept on until nightfall. 

Once everyone had gone to sleep in her grandparents house, that was when she pulled the stethoscope out. She was already in her pajamas and the room was practically pitch black, but she knew where the steth was. All she had to do was lean over, slip her hand under the couch and feel around for the package. Instead of pulling the whole thing out, as not to make too much noise, she found the zipper closure and slowly and carefully, unzipped the package, being as quiet as a mouse. It seemed like it took a century for her to slide the zipper down enough to slip her hand inside the package, her fingers slowly but deliberately tracing the outline of the rubber stethoscope tubing. She could almost smell the rubber from the few inches that separated them. 

Her heart started beating a little faster as she curled her fingers around the metal neck of the instrument, slowly sliding it out of the package, as quietly as she had unzipped it. The living room which she slept in was quiet, too quiet. Fortunately, from what she could gather, her grandparents and mother were deep sleepers, so she didn't have to worry about them waking up as she toyed with the stethoscope. She brought the stethoscope up and set it on top of her chest, the disc of the instrument pressing against her nightshirt, just over the spot near her heart. Even though it wasn't on her bare skin, the fact that it was even touching her and able to hear her heart, made it pump faster in excitement. Grabbing the metal neck of the stethoscope, she slowly slid the ear pieces up towards her face, carefully plugging them into her ears. A small smile crossed her face as she listened to the sound of her heart pumping strongly inside her chest. It was doing its job, it was giving her life. Heat spread between her thighs as she pushed a lump down in her throat, only making her heart beat faster. 


That was the sound of her heart pumping, and it was pumping fast. She was excited, that much was clear. She had never heard her own heart before, and the sound was so loud, so clear, but she knew it would sound better once she unbuttoned her pajama top. Removing the disc from her shirt, the sound of her beating heart was cut off and all she could hear was the quiet of the room. After setting the diaphragm aside, she slowly began to unbutton the collar of her blouse, her heart beating faster with anticipation. Once her collar was opened, she spread the shirt open a little until her breasts were exposed, grabbed the disc of the stethoscope and pressed it against her left breast. 

She gasped, her eyes falling shut involuntarily as the cold metal ring made contact with the warm skin of her chest, her walls clenching in arousal. 

Lub-dub! Lub-dub! Lub-dub! Lub-dub!

Her heart pumped faster. She licked her lips. The stethoscope felt like heaven against her skin, and she felt as if she hadn't had one on her bare chest in a very long time. Of course, a Sprague wasn't nearly as good as a Littmann quality stethoscope, the kind the nurse at her high school used on her. She hoped someday she would get a Littmann of her own to use on herself, but for now, she'd take any stethoscope she could get on her body right now. 

She moved the disc of stethoscope up and placed it over her heart. The touch of the metal ring a second time sent another gasp leaving her lips. She continuing to listen to the beating of her heart, eyes closed and her loins tingling to be touched. Biting down on her bottom lip, she slowly slid her hand beneath the covers. Finding the waistband of her panties, she slipped her hand inside. Her fingers brushed delicately and teasingly over the many pubic hairs covering her mound. Her breathing quickened and her "lub-dub" continued, more intent and rapid than before, her index and middle fingers slipping between her already moist folds. 

With her teeth clamped down on her bottom lip, she held in the pleasurable moans she wanted to emit as her fingers began to slowly stroke her clit. She drew out her pleasure, moving the disc of the stethoscope down and pressing it to the underside of her breast. A smile crept across her face as the metal ring made contact with the warm skin beneath her breast, nearly brushing the bottom of her fully erect nipple. That only made her walls clench even tighter. 

Lubdub! Lubdub! Lubdub! Lubdub! Lubdub! Lubdub! 

Her heart was starting to pound now, the sound traveling from her mitral valve to her ears, loud and clear. It was an amazing sound. She had never given much thought to it before, but it really was a beautiful sound. Like the bass in a subwoofer maybe, but still beautiful and unique. One that she wished someone was on the other end of the stethoscope to hear instead of her. Her breathing increased as she rubbed her spot faster, which was growing wetter along with her arousal. Her heart pumped harder, faster, the sound getting increasingly louder, enough to make her even hornier than she already was. 

She squirmed, her hips bucking closer to her fingers, beads of sweat breaking out along her forehead and lower back. Her climax was quickly rushing to the surface. Taking the disc of the stethoscope, she pressed the ring hard against her left nipple. The feel of that diaphragm, the feel of the rubber tubing pressing against the bare skin of her chest, the sound of her heart pounding faster and faster only heightened her arousal. Her breathing grew heavier, each rapid intake and exhale of breath traveling loud and crystal clear through the stethoscope to her ears. She sounded as if she were exercising, running in place, but she wasn't. She was lying there, rapidly rubbing her clit, trying to keep her strokes in sync with the hammering of her heart against her sternum. 


Her heart was getting greedier and greedier, her oxygen supply dwindling as her blood cells attempted to keep up with the overwhelming pumping of her heart, supply her with more of the air she needed to stay alive. From the feeling of her heart, and what was going on inside her body, she found herself coated in a thick layer of sweat. There was no doubt that her climax was quickly approaching and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Her fingers worked her clit faster, deeper, her wrist aching with the effort she was putting into pleasuring herself. Suddenly, the overwhelming pleasure washed over her like a tidal wave, sending her mind spinning into oblivion. She gasped, her toes curling and her legs spasming uncontrollably before her thighs clenched around the hand and still had down her panties. 

She laid there for a long moment, her ears aching from the ear pieces of the stethoscope having been in too long, listening to the sound of her pounding heart and her ragged and heavy breathing. A smile crossed her face. Never in her life had she heard her heart beat this hard before. She sounded and felt as if she had just run a marathon without stopping for breath. 

Who knew the sound of her pounding heart during masterbation could be such a turn on, or that a stethoscope, a chilly stethoscope could feel so amazing against her skin. She had never been so satisfied in her life up until that point, and she could hardly wait to do it again sometime. 

The End

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