The SalesmanMature

‘Let me clean your carpets

your toes will think they’re in Persia

His top lip stretched

and crumpled, stretched

and kissed.

I sorted my face into a quiet smile

the one my mother used.


‘Be bad luck to say no’

He had wrists

like emergency room doctors’

long brown hairs curled

at the strap of his watch

I couldn’t get away

from the thought of his fingers

inside me.


‘I’ll trim your hedge then’

His eyes kissed my feet


a laughing mouth

into the shade.


‘You’ve a couple of loose tiles’

It was cooking on the step

a breeze sauntered through the house

and flapped cotton against my legs.


‘I could save your life’

He leaned nearer

and spread his hands

under my eyes.

I watched the sun spin

on gold sleepers

while the smell of me seeped

out of the neck of my dress.



The End

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