Erotic, Exotic, Chronic & Toxic TalesMature

I thought there was room for some adult stuff, so invite those of the older persuasion, to share your experience of love, sex and bile here.






I am female

ripe, for the plucking

gloved in skin so soft

your heart will tremble.


Lie with me, a night

an hour

I’ll make of you

a garland

for my creamy neck.


I am the fruit of perfumed tears

come dazzle me

with your upright organ

I’ll swear

it’s the biggest I’ve ever seen.


Stretch me and ease

yourself to fit

feel the quality

test the width

I am completely natural



tailored for your needs

I’ll keep your finger on my pulse

as long as ever.


I am the wearer of man

he climbs my mountains

surfs oceans

walks the paths of wisdom

to lie at my hungry feet.



The End

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