“Going out are we?” Emory asked as I played with my hair, experimenting up and down styles. I gritted my teeth together and just shook my head fiercely, leaving my hair wild and slightly puffy. I gave up and threw my hair brush at the wall behind me.


“Yes.” I snapped. I glared at Emory in the mirrors. He had his arms crossed, his green jumper a little dirty from studying in the garden. I spun myself round in my chair and crossed my right leg over my left knee. “Do you want to come?”


“I suppose.” Emory moaned. He was a Sang – nice and clean, unlike me. As we walked into the hall of our bungalow, I growled as he reached for his coat.


“You’re not going out in that!” I glowered. Em looked at himself and gave me a confused look. I clear my throat. “You may get away with that for school but you’re not coming out with me in your swotting clothes.”


Ten minutes later, Emory had swapped his neat green jumper and polo shirt for a jet black loose shirt and dark jeans, dirty sneakers on his feet. He didn’t make any eye contact. “Happy now?”


“Much. Come on.”




Emory sat beside me, sipping his pint in the loud and noisy club. I gulped down a shot of vodka, the alcohol left a slight burn that would be so much strong to humans. Vampirism brought a whole not meaning to the word ‘burn’.


My green mini dress clung to my figure perfectly, high heels strapped firmly around my ankles. Men everywhere were glancing at me, my pale skin and long blonde hair oh-so-inviting. I was usually so picky with this, trying to find someone who wouldn’t be missed, though only for Emory’s sake. He was still a kid, 17. I as a 24-year-old could travel, I could run, but Em was different. I controlled myself, for him.


One man finally had some guts and came over to talk to that goddess of a girl that he saw. I flicked my hair casually and smiled, keeping my fangs hidden – for now. I studied him for a second. He was tallish, about 5”10 or 11 with brown hair that was flicked partially over his face but not enough for me not to see his vibrant blue eyes. I decided he’s do.


“Are you here with anyone?” I asked smoothly. I felt I had better find someone for Emory, or he’d have been moping all evening. I smiled, my teeth bright, eyes sparkling. I was not a psychic vampire but I did have a way of persuading people to tell me the truth in an almost hypnotic way. The man’s smiled wavered a bit. I widened my eyes, working with his mind to get what I needed. He leaned in slightly, his lips dry.


“Well, my girlfriend dragged me here. But I really want to dump her.” He admitted guiltily. I smiled reassuringly.


“What’s her name?” I asked, my fangs urging to come out and bite. I resisted.


“Sandra.” He answered nervously.


“And yours?”




I leaned back to speak to Em. “Know any Dylans or Sandras?”


Emory shook his head. I smiled, whispering my plan to him.




I wrapped my hands around Dylan’s head, keeping his lips on my neck. His mouth massaged my neck easily as he kept me in what he thought was his control in the back alley, the light of a single orangey lamppost bouncing off my pale body.


There was a small gasp and Dylan stopped at once, pulling away quickly. I glanced to the sound of the noise.


“Sandra!” Dylan gasped. He dropped his hands from the wall and ran towards her.


“Keep away from me you creep!” Sandra yelled, crying hysterically. “I can’t believe you! I hope you die!”


“That can be arranged.” I murmured, strolling gracefully towards them, my fangs now exposed, my eyes gone scarlet. My beauty was truly terrifying to the mortals. Sandra now clung to Dylan for life. I turned my head, though my eyes stayed on the terrified couple. “Emory?”


My brother walked out from the shadows, now content with the fact I’d dressed him in all black. “Yes, my sister?”


“Would you like the girl? I’m much better at pleasuring Dylan.” I asked, still strolling towards them. Emory bared his fangs hungrily.


“I’d be delighted.” Emory answered. He appeared behind the girl with lightning fast speed. He placed a few fingers on his neck, drawing her close. “Would you do that for me, my dear? Hm? Would you volunteer to help me? Be my donor?”


Sandra whimpered and Dylan looked in outrage at Emory. I smiled, chuckling sweetly. “And what about you, Dylan? Would you pleasure me? Oh you shake your head now but you remember a few minutes ago? It was like you were going to … die for it.”


His terrified face was enough to make me laugh and I did freely. Emory was now whispering to Sandra, telling her all he wanted was a little bite, not enough to kill her at any rate. But I knew he would. Sure, he had control of being able to when to bite but he could never really stop. I placed a hand of Dylan’s cheek and he flinched at the coolness. He was panting softly, trying not to be afraid. My other hand ran down his chest, stop just above his jeans. I breathed softly on his face.


Meanwhile, Emory was licking Sandra’s neck gently, pretending this would stop it hurting. Really he just wanted a small taste. It’s foreplay to a vampire. Something to get him excited. His fangs fell down automatically as he repositioned the girl, one arm wrapped around her waist, the other clutching her side, holding her like a doll that might break if dropped. He rested his fangs on her neck for a moment before cutting down.


Sandra let out a gasp of pain. My left hand grabbed a handful of Dylan’s jumper and the other, some hair. I didn’t want him trying to stop Emory. One; Dylan was mine and two; Sandra had agreed to this and there was no stopping Emory now.


Sandra’s body was pulled upwards slightly as Emory took his first suck of her beautiful blood. She gasped quieter this time – her energy was fading. Within minutes Emory had sucked her dry. He dropped her limp and grey body with a thud. His head turned to Dylan. I growled slightly.


“Emory.” I murmured. But it was too late. She’d only been a small one. Emory was never quite satisfied. Emory began to creep towards me and my prey, the scarlet in his eyes electric. I knew he’d gone into a trance, as he had done so many times before. But I realised I couldn’t stop myself either. Dylan was reaching limply for my chest and dress straps. I ignored him for a moment, focussed on what Emory would do.


The blood crave was so much for him to handle. He was young. I’d turned him myself. I tried to think about Emory but my victim was badly distracting me. I found myself wanting his blood and his love. Emory was sent to the back of my mind.


Dylan reached for my shirt, trying to pull it up in a sort of trance. Emory started growling softly. I snarled at him, a warning to stay away from my prey. But he kept coming towards me. He ripped Dylan from my grasp, knocking him against the wall. I leapt at Emory in full vampire tradition, fangs out, eyes glowing, a growl in my throat. Emory bite at me, scratching my delicate arms with his long fingernails. I growled and slapped his face, scratching his cheek.


Emory used my lack of strength to throw me off and hunched over slightly, arms outs and ready, a grumble running through him. I prepared to attack again but something distracted us.


Dylan half screamed half cried out, getting to his feet quickly, scrambling around drunkenly. He looked at our fangs, our fingernails and pale skin and yelled again, running off. This brought Emory and I back to our senses. We were too shocked to even chase him.


“Brooklyn …” Emory whispered, looking at me apologetically. I ran my hand through my hair, pushing it out of my face. I turned away slightly, now pacing extremely slowly.


“Shiit.” I mumbled. “Shiit, shiit, shiit!”


“Brook, do you know what just happened?” Emory’s eyes were huge but blue. I bit my lip (safely now my fangs had gone).


I looked at him regretfully. “We are in deep shiit.”

The End

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