Eros, Philia & Storge

Brooklyn and her brother Emory are new to the vampire family, but they understand the rules and what happens.

But everything is shaken up when their foolishness lets a meal escape. Are they going to survive in this world or perish as the authorities seem to want?



“Brooklyn!” my brother Emory gasped. I smiled, turning my head and looking a gang of boys all nudging each other and raising their eyebrows in a very flirtatious manner. I winked and that alone made them more excited than ever. “Brook, stop it.”


“What Em? It’s in my nature. It’s how I live.” I said clearly, beautifully. I fiddled a little with my bleach blonde hair, smiling as I admired the boys around us. Em rolled his eyes.


“Well not here. Not at my school.” Em whispered urgently. I sighed, resting a hand on my delicate hip.


“I need to feed Em.” I murmured seriously. “Isn’t there anyone … ?”




My hand slipped to my side, my thoughts a little murderous. “Why? Don’t you hate anyone? Surely you’re thirsty too.”


“Brook, go to town, find someone we’ll never to connected too. Just stay away from my school!” Em growled lowly, his throat vibrating softly in the attempt to act human. But he wasn’t. Emory was like me – a vampire. Only, I was different.


I’m what is called an Erotic Vampire, feeding off the energy of physical love and then sucking my victim dry. My brother, on the other hand, Sanguinarian vampire, who prefers to feed from a willing donor.


Love me, hate me – I’m going to bite you anyway.


“Hey, hottie, leave old Ebony – come hang with the big boys!” the tallest, fittest and more gorgeous of the gang of boys called out to me. I licked my lips hungrily and began to walk over to them. Emory grabbed my arm firmly. No matter our ages, Emory was the strongest.


“Let go of me!” I growled. Emory snarled quietly, his lips creeping back over his teeth. I glared, keeping my fangs well hidden.


“You are not going to go with him.”


“He called you ‘Ebony’. Doesn’t that spark some kind of hatred in you?” I asked angrily. You didn’t get between me and my meal.


“I have self control, unlike you.”


“You are nothing but a child, afraid to hurt anyone. You’re a Sang – pathetic!” I snarled, whipping away my arm and marching off away from everyone, into the woods. As soon as everything was behind me, I ran.

The End

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