Erona and DumaliMature

Two African twins in their village go through some tough things...
Basically just something i threw together but dont know how to continue, so any ideas from readers are welcome and so are new chapters... feel free to add.

Erona is 13 years old and she lives in a village in Africa with her family, her twin brother Dumali, their mother Jana, their sister Fumali (17), Fumali's son Ouran (4), their sister Pajjamah (10), their brother Rann (2), and their sister Rosa (1). Erona and Dumali's father, Miles, died just a week ago from AIDS and Pajjamah is seriously ill with AIDS. Fumali's husband, Keicolt, also lives with the family.

Erona and Dumali work in the fields that surround their village for minimal wages. One day, a man from the local town came to the village to look for a husband for his sister. He searched the village but all the men were working in the fields.

The man came accross Jana, who was looking after the village children. It was her job. Rann, Rosa, Ouran, and other village children were there playing and Fumali taught the older few girls to cook whilst the older boys were learning to fight, Keicolt was teaching them.

The man introduced himself as Jon, and he too particular intrest in Keicolt as he was the only male around. Fumali, however, made it clear that she was his. Jana overheard the conversation between Jon, Fumali, and Keicolt, and told Jon that she had another son, Dumali, who would make a good husband.

In the fields, Erona and Dumali worked hard. So hard in fact, that they were thirsty, and did not notice as Jana arrived. Jon looked at them working, and he looked at all the other workers too. "I will take your son to my town and give him a good home where he will not work like this. He will marry my sister Erica and take good care of her. But," Jon continued, "I would like to take the girl too, your daughter, the one there in the fields not the one with the children. I would like to make her my wife. She too will come to the town and I will keep her happy".

Erona and Dumali did not want to leave their family, but they left to support their family, and together, Erona, Dumali, Jon, and Erica started a family of their own.

Erona and Dumali are 15. Erica and Dumali have had a baby girl, Sashan, and Erona and Jon are expecting their first child any day soon. The twins have recieved news from the village that Pajjamah passed away recently, and they were given the support that they needed by their new friends and family.

However, things were about to take a turn for the worst...

The End

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