The Day Begins

"Marianne?" Ermie addressed her teacher.

"Yes, Ermie?" the gentle lady said.

"Why are some people so wicked that they stop other people from enjoying their freedom?"

The governess looked up, and her eyes met those of her pupil's. She understood her student's plight.

"No, Ermie. People don't keep others from freedom because they are evil. No one really is. It's just that some persons have a stereotype in their minds about what is good and what isn't. And it is good, too, in a way."

"I don't see what good a corset does to people."

"Oh, but Ermie! did I ever mention a corset? These are just some limits that people have set so that someone doesn't start doing what he or she is not supposed to do. And if you want to talk about that corset, well, people will take it away when the time comes."

"Yes, Marianne----I do believe that will happen, but I just can't put up with it anymore. Five years really is a long time."

"Well then, we will talk of those troubles later, after our lessons. They can wait. And surely my little companion is not as weak as all that? Do you suppose a mere corset can stop you from doing what you wish to do?"

For Ermie, it put things into a new light. "Yes, I may be able to... erm... get along..." said she, trying to reassure herself.

"There's a regular angel," said Marianne. "Now do let's hurry up. We have work to do."

The End

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