Chapter 3

The sun rose the next day and spread out its rays on a garden teeming with life. A ray of light found its way straight into Ermengarde's room and snuggled up in her pillow.

Ermengarde woke and disappeared behind a little door. Minutes later, she was being fitted with her corset and stays----again.

"Mother, I don't suppose we will go someplace today... will we?"

"Well, of course not. Unless you're feeling up to it. And I don't think you would want to travel after yesterday's embarassment you faced, would you?"

"I don't suppose you saw me running out," Ermengarde said, surprised. "I thought you were with Madame."

"That's quite right.  But, if I may remind you----I have many sources of information. Every one of our servants has an eye on you. Now come on. The governess is waiting to start," said the mother, as she straightened out the dress.

"Mother, why do I have to wear this at home? It hurts, and you know I never lie!"

"Just a practice, darling. You've got your whole life ahead of you. This is to help you get used to it and to get you to behave like a girl----not a tomboy----for life. It's useful. There, now you can get on with the day." Her mother took her to the study, where a beautiful, tall and elegant woman was flipping through her books, her slender fingers dancing on the pages as they flew by.

"Thanks for nothing," Ermie hissed, and flumped down on the chair in a huff.

"Oh, morning, Ermengarde. Ready for the day?" the governess asked.

"Yes," she murmured in reply.

The End

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