The radiant four and their companions then gathered in Elysium for blessings before the Great Mother. She took each new child by the hand and kissed thrice on cheek and lips, blessing them as children of Her own, forged from Her own blood, enervated by the will and power of Her children. But She, the Great Mother, had spent much time in thought, and had watched, bound to the halls of Elysium, and had been pained, so She then announced to them of Her second gift:

“Eight of My most cherished kin stand before Me. Ye have divided your power from your loving hearts to share with those with whom ye hath chosen to walk the world with. But I am troubled for one reason, that whilst ye are content, My children in the world below show fear, and in the hearts of some I sense that they are lost. For it is true that whilst ye are not alone within your domains, the people below know ye not. They worship ye, yet know not your faces, nor hear your words, nor truly feel the love I know ye feel towards them. So I announce to ye all that ye shalt be bound to the world below, to live as one with My children, to teach them in the true ways, to guide them on the path that is righteous and best. Ye shalt be denied entry to this plain, Celeste shalt not open to ye without My command, and half in power, ye are of mortal veins, to feel all passion and joy that godliness condemns ye not to feel. Go now onwards, My kin, until I call upon ye, let Me not see ye upon this land.”

And so the eight kin of the Goddess found themselves upon the lower lands, and there departed from each other, bound not by godliness and the parent of the Great Mother, but by duty to their domains and the companions which they had brought to life. Demetra and Avaric made way into the forests of A’mi, there to forge a life, Procellus and Ilmatar into the lower clouds, Amadahy and Dralmor to the land of the Atels and the darken depths, and Luthorn taking Eldnor to Nivitis, where vestal virgins set the city aglow in celebration, for on this day, gods had turned to mortal work and been generous now upon the earth.

The End

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