The goddess of Earth made her way into the depths of A’mi to the ancient forests of the earth-born and the spirit-eyed. She climbed up to the highest mountain, to the peak of Mount Falhaeyr, where there lived fearsome birds and giants quaint and cruel. There, soil was richest, growing bright flowers and trees chosen to be Demetra’s sacred grove. She poured the blood onto the soil, and as it soaked into the dark earth, a seed grew into a great tree with bark like grey ash and leaves eternally red. Each night for one month, Demetra slept between the great roots, binding herself there tight, channelling half of her power into the tree’s heart until it could take no more and split through the middle. From within shone the light of a raging star, for it was the energy of a god upon the earth, and pulling apart the wood, Demetra looked in joy upon a man full grown, wrapped within the inner roots. He awakened upon her touch and looked upon her with eyes of deep want, for each day and night he had heard her thoughts drifting through the earth around him, and so knew her as his maker and companion. The goddess split him from the wood and there marked the ash tree as his birthplace, carving his name upon the bark and preserving it forevermore: this name was Avaric.

The End

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