Yet, in the passing of times, with these gifts, man grew wicked and these Nine creatures of art could not retrieve what they had so given. One who gave power to story let man conceive rising above another in arms of war and bitterness, whilst woman dreamt of being more than one mated and to mother, awakening with bitter thoughts. So man turned upon man on the plains of the great land; they imagined war and thus made it so, and woman stood on equal foot to man and this so angered him. Man tore apart man upon the fields of A’mi, the Goddess’ greatest land and the place of most beauty favoured by the radiant Five. She made attempts to cease warfare, blessing Her people with calm and sweetness, but could not overcome Her first blessed gift. Tears falling from Her white cheeks, She gave command to Amadahy, who swelled the vast ocean into a monstrous tide and scourged it over land, drowning men and women charging in fury of battle, and children and creature who could only watch, in the dark waters, washing clean the A’mi fields. Then She called forth Demetra, who tore the Living Earth apart where it did lie bathed in ocean, sinking land beneath the waves so that A’mi lay in two parts across the world. Weeping, the Goddess opened up the firmament so that Her voice could travel lofty and fierce to the people below:

“Hear these words that I so decree, that for the misdeed of your fathers and mothers, I have so purged the earth of my blessed A’mi. Ye people to one side I name the Anjharai, and so ye shall be separate from the people of the side other, those that I name Anjjeital. Where once ye were whole, ye now lay broken, and so it shall be until man may cross the dark waters, and in your union through such means shall ye so atone. But My holy heart grows heavy; I grieve for the fault which was Mine and that ye all suffer for in My stead. For I had so believed that freedom of the mind was to ye a profit, but it has bred lone disaster in its path. Yet I can take away not what I nor my serfs have given, so I now decree that freedom of mind shalt not be given as first I declared, not when a woman’s bosom hast grown firm, nor when a boy becometh what ye call man. It shalt be born within the soul and there it shalt remain, to be so nurtured and developed far from thought of violence and deceit. Ye mothers and fathers shalt make it wholesome within the hearts of your fair children as so to do Me honour. Do not so and I shalt go forth and abandon thee, for truly there be no gift that I can so bestow that equals the gift that I hath sown on this day.”

The people were obedient, and they rose upon the earth divided, bodies of the field drifting through mountain crags and falling down to Irkalla as meat for fearsome beasts who had grown double ferocious without a lulling master; Chaos roaring from the Chasm of Abydon, entertained by none and driven to the depths of insanity.

The End

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