When Time decreed a year had passed, when Ceryŭa, cursed as half-man, had died in the cold season and been resurrected by She, who loved him eternally, the Goddess attended to the oldest of Her foes. With Her children, She came to the edge of the world and drew up from Irkalla, Chaos, who now hated and feared His dear Sister:

“Ye who could have been one and eternal with Me, but have betrayed Me in all ways known in the world,” said He in fury. “Ye who take a lowly creature to lie beside, a creature whose life lasts but a year and must be made anew like filthy clay, and who locks Me away amongst monsters, out of a world that was once Mine – and should be again! – what business have Ye with Me, Oh Sister whose goodness I still crave?”

The Goddess, unyielding in Her grace and power, said this:

“I love all who came from Me and all who honour Me. Ye, brother, who proclaimed to be Lord – Lord over Me, the most good and redeemable! – thou camest not from Me and so I despise thee. Though I deemed ye defeated for much time, I see now that thou art succeeding over me, for My hatred of ye makes me weak and is a part of Myself I so despise. No more, say I, shalt thou do so. I order your confinement, brother, bound by the magick of My blood in the deepest abyss of the Living Earth, that of Abydon, where thou shalt suffer, to look upon the beauty of My world from below but feel none of it, devour none of it, love none of it. By magick thou canst breed no creature from your seed, thou shalt have no companion as thou did in the Nightmare Sea. Ye shalt endure your own madness, know it and hate it as I so do. This is My word, and so let it be.”

On Her word, Demetra did break apart the Living Earth to hold the world’s foulest being. Chaos, weakened then and weakened still by the great power of the Five, fought futilely but was thrown down into the Chasm of Abydon, bottomless and flowing with the most potent of all magick. There, Gaea closed the chasm but for an inch for Chaos to see from and desire through, and there he remained, in an embrace so that he could bane Her no more.”

The End

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