The five children of the Goddess returned to Elysium and knelt before Her grand form, with Ceryŭa at Her side, crowned with thorns and the antlers of a mighty hind. Together they worked and brought the world to fruition as had been destined by Being era ago. Ceryŭa and the Goddess led together on the earth each day and made the soil fruitful, rising from which there came many man and woman. Some She gifted with the same magick in Her veins, others carried not this seed, these people the aosí, but were welcomed by all, springing from the soil. Of the Five, Ilmatar, Demetra and Amadahy cared with great delicacy the creatures of their domain, the skyward sailing birds, the pad-footed animals and the rowing fish all loved and worshipped the most beautiful of the Goddess’ children. Mellicit remained at the side of the Goddess always, and took departing souls towards Celeste, where they would begin again or remain at Her side for eternity in the hallowed paradise high above the land. Luthorn was revered by all man and woman, teaching them to heat their homes, to forge metal and to as a people grow mighty and pious of the forces that had moulded them.

The End

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