Her first child, first from Her womb, She clutched in Her palms and made woman as was She. And from Her lips, the Goddess whispered prayer that Her daughter could live again, and it was with this that She made a spirit to fill her form and quell the Void within her. In Her hands, the first daughter lived, her eyes opening and seeing like shining jewels, hair growing forth as dark as the living night. Rejoicing, the Goddess claimed to the upper sky that Her daughter would be goddess; she would be named Mellicit, and she would be queen of all-spirit.

Then, upon the land, Living Earth beneath her feet, the Goddess danced, and where Her graceful steps touched, there grew life and there blossomed fertile soil. She clapped Her hands thrice, and reverberating to highest Celeste there was the noise, and from the clouds all at once there sprang winged things calling out overhead. From the soil, crawlers and denizens of the wood rose up, some the Living Earth gave Sight and made them spirit-eyed, others She let speak in tongues divine. Finally from the water floated up deep-drinkers, of sizes many whose blood was Her blood.

Yet the Goddess prayed for another life alone, wishing that a second child could live, Her daughter the second. But alas, with all Her prayers, the child would not live. So She commanded the denizens to dig into the soil, wherein the Goddess buried Her child, proclaiming that all dead would be returned to the world thus so that Life could rise from Death and naught was wasted. Yet Living Earth clutched her warmly and asked the Goddess for a name; this name was Demetra. She whispered in the child’s ear, and with it, the daughter sprang from the soil, her second breath the power of Living Earth and those of Her and her Mother’s domain. Thus, pulling her from the ground, the Goddess kissed Her daughter Demetra thrice, and blessed her as goddess of the Earth.

Sweeping the last of the Void from the land, the Goddess called down to Chaos in the swells of Irkalla:

“I love Thee not, I shall not ever, and now Thou suffers in all hatred begat to Ye.”

Free, She crossed to the northernmost of Her domain and found, clutching each other pitifully upon the ground, imprisoned once by the hands of Chaos, twins, one of gold and the other of silver. They looked up upon Her and wept, stretching up their arms, whispering into Her ear of Chaos’ hatred and foul deceit. They had been conceived by Being to welcome the Goddess to the world, to light Her path upon Her birth and to sweep away the Void. Chaos, much angered by this, had snatched them from their perch in the skies, subduing them for planned eternity until they lost their glow and were no more. The Goddess comforted each and carried them into the second, most colourful, of the skies. There She gave them names, the golden child to be Sonn, the silver child Nyalne, and proclaimed that they would remain forevermore in Her care, yet desired them to light the world.

From her shimmering samite cloak, the Goddess withdrew a single thread and tossed it into the sky, weaving it into a guardian of the world, whose name was Time, who wore upon Him the same rich cloak as She. He pulled from the cloak many threads, around which he bound the children of silver and gold, knotted to their pale fingers and their beautiful throats so as to command them. At Her behest, Time commanded them, that Sonn would sit in the second sky amongst the holy spheres and stars to light the world and restrain Darkness to Irkalla, as was her duty, whilst Nyalne slept and spoke and played within the Mother’s arms; this Time called day.

And when its time had passed, He pulled at the many strands to pull the silver child from the Mother’s side towards the perch of the sky. There Nyalne took place whilst her sister slept and retired, and was given command over the brush of the dark water, so that as demons and devourers climbed rose from Irkalla to once more be in the world, Nyalne was to sweep them back and down to their deadly domain. And so, by Time’s command, there was a night, and without it there was a day.

The End

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