Her blood poured forth into the darkness, and from it power flowed, a power that Chaos had not, nor could ever, have known. Where it touched, Void became Substance, and land rose up from the blackness. Into the land Her blood seeped and begat a sister, who was the soul of Living Earth, made of Her goodness. So this Soul, within the Earth, pushed Chaos and his creatures down from the world into the emptiness below, where the roots of the world span down into oblivion, into the other world which was Irkalla. It was so named by Her the Nightmare Sea, where sickened by Chaos eon ago, the Goddess had slept in terror, where fearsome beasts had ruled Her heart and mind. Each night Chaos had summoned them from a dark place within Himself to pollute her until She could awaken and banish them to the depths again. Now this oblivion surged like water with pure Void, ripe with Despair, Anger, Lawlessness, Bitterness and Betrayal, all beings that She banished from Herself when sleep reached its end.

High above, where the land bowed low, Her blood pooled and turned all at once to water, a boundless ocean spilling now and again over the world’s edge, where there rose the highest and most barren mountains. So it was that the world became awash with magick. Awed by Her power, yet filled with agony that Her death had been naught, the Goddess took her lifeless children one by one into the world she had created, giving it a name as She descended from the sky, Maegard, for it was now the land of She, first magus.

The End

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