The world was born, and with it came the First God, whose name was Chaos. He was of the Darkness, of the bitter abyss that had once been the world. It was void and without substance, within it lived only He and those of His creation, those that were the black-eyed ones and the silence-eaters. For much of existence, He prevailed, the world His blessed domain, until there came a light, first weak, then bursting like a hundred stars, and from it came She, His sister, who was called the Goddess, Thrice Named. Chaos, on seeing Her beauty, the radiance and the goodness bred within Her, desired Her alone in the world, to then corrupt and to possess.

But She, who had been born to love Him (or so said He) abhorred His form, and told Him so: “I love thee not,” said She. But Chaos chased Her across the abyss to make Her one with Him. His hands which stretched across many leagues gripped Her as She fled, and said She each time: “I love thee not. I love thee not.” But Chaos knew His domain and gave Her no escape, but She would submit to Him not. To high, she proclaimed:

“Lowly creature, that which calls itself My brother, Thou art the vilest of all existences which hast polluted this world, and seeks now to pollute Me. But I am not of Your clan. What I, loveliest of creation, radiates, Thou seeks to destroy; such is Your purpose, yet shall be not My demise.”

In fury, Chaos implanted Darkness itself in Her soul whilst She slept, so that She would be His, the essence of Him that She so despised. From its touch, the Goddess sickened and began to wither. In Her loneliness, the Goddess cried sorrowful tears, desiring a place to flee the Lord of the World, and for those that She could love for Her own.

The End

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