A Metaphor For Security

This is a tale of Joey Citizen and Uncle Too Touchy Sam.

Now, Joey Citizen was out, watching various stuff on the internet, with other people. Uncle Too Touchy Sam walked into his little home.

At this point, Sam, starts to poke his large thick finger into Joey's [computer] box. Felt around inside Joey's box--getting to know all the insides of the box. Sam really seemed to enjoy it. Getting right off on it. Like it was the greatest thing he can do. Joey felt a little guilty. As is normal when a large thing and firm finger goes digging around into your box without your permission.

Sam, ends up telling Joey what he did was wrong. Sam cared for Joey--and would not tell the rest of Joey's family. To spare Joey from this great travesty. However--Sam needed to care for Joey, in a way that only Sam could do it. Joey in turn would need to do things for Sam, than only Joey could do for him.

Now, everybody trusts Uncle Sam. There is nothing but trust in the relationship here. So when Uncle Sam showed up, and took Joey Citizen aside, to fiddle about with Joey' Citizen's underdeveloped box and their underdeveloped software, nobody really took notice, or talked about it.

See, there were times when Joey Citizen just about came forward, to expose Uncle Too Touchy Sam for feeling around Joey Citizen's [computer] box--and deciding what software Joey Citizen was allow to wear, and what software Joey Citizen could not wear--including a few pieces of software, that Joey felt exposed them a little more than Joey was comfortable with.

However, whenever Joey felt enough effort to be brought up--there was stuff presented that what Joey was doing was wrong. Not wanting to get themselves in trouble Joey, would slink away, and not say anything.

There are two futures here. One, Uncle Too Touchy Sam is not brought forward for his actions against Citizen Joey, and goes on to abuse various other people. Or, he is brought forward on the charges.

However, neither of these are really postive.

You see--in situations like this. Uncle Too Touchy Sam is still welcome in the family. He serves his time, and is not allowed to go near various other Citizen Joeys. However, the family this occurred in, stops speaking of the matter. It embarrasses them. It is taboo and the parents instruct their kids to not speak of Uncle Too Touchy Sam. It becomes the family's dirty secret. The family not speaking of it--to not associate themselves with Uncle Too Touchy Sam.

However, people know--and in whispers--they talk about how creepy that family is. They talk about how it is a shame that they do not let their story out. It would help many others. Instead they act like everything is aright, and nothing ever happened. Like they are a perfectly normal family. With any talk of Uncle Too Touchy Sam averted, via changed subjects, or just avoiding bringing up. Most people in their houses, do not desire to bring it up either

Here is the metaphor for the various practices taken by homeland security.

(Uncle Sam also likes little boys too!)

The End

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