A Very Alternate Truth

Let me tell you about our alien masters and how they infiltrated our ruling class.

Yes, the aliens control all our moves. Some are benevolent. Some are Lizard People. Currently, the benevolent ones are in control.

It all started in the 1950s. The aliens had decided to study the queer warlike monkeys on this planet that the queer warlike monkeys call Earth. They, at first, merely flew their ships around--in observation type manners.

Though, when targeting a race that has its two main technological advancements come from inebriation, sex and killing people, for observations is not an easy thing to do, I mean--the queer monkeys did shoot down a few of the aliens crafts.

They hit a brain storm however.

The monkeys, who are developing advanced nuclear technology were also developing communications arrays to help themselves out--for when they would eventually press the button and nuke themselves to smitherines.

Now--the Anthropologists of the aliens decided to learn more via this manner. Just simply look at all the communications to figure out the Queer Warlike Monkey WQM, or "Wooquems" as they call us.

Eventually, the Googles from the Dog Star Sirius, decide to jump in, and make a corporation dedicated to the gathering of information of Wooquems, via their own voluntary submission of it. Knowing that the Wooquems would not voluntarily offer their culture's information, as the Googles, known for their universal beauty, would likely intimidate most of the Wooquems.

As you are aware, the Googles are the super models of the universe. They put on disguises to lower their beauty in large amounts, just to have Wooquems feel confortable in their presence.

Though, they have been putting stuff into our culture to allow us to not feel intimidated by their many prehensile tentacles, large Venus fly trap like female parts, eye stalks and defecating phallus-esque large breasted chests.

I mean--most people looking at that, immediately fall in love, and offer to worship it until they die. Which is why the Googles are easing the Wooquems into their beautiful awe inspiring sight.

The Googles are currently incharge of a company that accepts Wooquem cultural information submitted to them.

Please, give to your benevolent Googles overlords. It will help preserve information on our race--before talks with the Lizard People go bad, and they dispose of Kim Jung Il, assume his position and nuke the planet.

Though--there are reports that Kim Jung Il may have already been disposed of. However--it looks like the robotic duplicate in his place are used by art fags rather than the Lizard People we were worried about.

The Blethorgu Independant Film festival should have an interesting hit when: "Kim Jung Il: Conqueror of Wooquem World" debues. Many critics are anxiously waiting for it.

The End

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