Another Very Alternate Truth

We have not returned to the moon since the 1960s. Why is that? There is a fair amount of Helium-3 Isotopes on the moon that would revolutionise the energy world. Make it so we no longer need fossil fuels. Why haven't we been beyond a low Earth Orbit with manned craft since the 1960s?

What is it that scares NASA so much.

Let's jump back to the man who started Space Travel on Earth, Genghis Khan. Yes, most of you do not know this, but the first man in space, was in fact none other than Genghis Khan. Well, actually Genghis Khan sent a few other people into space for him first.

See, Genghis Khan was illiterate, could not read and generally of all the Mongrels, the biggest Mongrel in the Hoard. He did however, understand that intelligence was something that would work. That knowledge is the best thing to have. So, throughout history, Genghis would ask that the intellects of a society be taken with him. He'd not hurt them... just give him your smart people.

Genghis would put them into a city designed for all the intelligent people he ever knew about. He'd come over, every now and then. Strut about the lab, like James Bond going to every Q Lab in every film. Just with that bit of flair Genghis Khan can only add to this role. Genghis Khan made the cannon. He added more to war practices and not war practices than any other man in the history of the world.

He is said to have died... but? Did he really? See, that is where things get weird. Why do we not still have this intellects city? A city producing many of the same wonders?

Also: why are there so many records of people seeing flying saucers around the time Genghis Khan was around.

See, Genghis Khan created space travel, and he perfected it. He faked his death on the Earth, just so people would not send him invitations to various fancy dinners, if you will. As he was now in space, and it is hard for people to properly contact you.

Genghis Khan is still very alive today--he has had various parts augmented and replaced. His mind has been copied over into an exact duplicate of his brain, minus birth defects and alcohol defects. He has been keeping that general Mongrel Hoard style, while still buzzing around the Solar System.

Yes, there were reptilians that also got into space from Earth before the Mongrel Hoards. The Mongrel Hoards have these as their pets. They literally are Raptor Mounted Space Mongrels. They often come down to Earth, have sexual affairs with women, and eat Cow arsehole. As it is hard to find a decent cow butt anywhere in the universe, except on earth. It really is the best part of the cow to eat.

They do have the Greys, which are kind of like our equivalent to "Glow Boys". These things are not able to reproduce, and will die in a few weeks on their own anyways. They go into areas others cannot--due to it being too dangerous. These are more than okay with going there, as they are so damned disposable that really: they are meant to die in those spots.

Now it is best to try to work with the Raptor Mounted Space Mongrels or RMSM, not only for their policy of "join us, give us your smart people or die", but because of the case of the Order of the Black Sun.

It was after World War 2 was lost. Hitler has left his girl friend Eva Braun dead in the bunker and rushed off to South America to try to pick up where he left off. Eva who was picked up by the Russians, claiming her to be Hitler (Hitler was JUST that pretty, that a girl could be mistaken for him). Hitler was dealing with many mental afflictions that eventually lead to his death before the got to South America. They did keep his head alive in a jar. Note that that last sentence is in past tense.

With the Fuhrer dead, they chose to look into Mysticism to get into space. See, chemical rockets are not the only way up there. There are many technical branches that would get them into space. They started looking into arcane texts on forbidden practices. Stuff that would look right at home in a HP Lovecraft work. They got into Space--by mere noneuclid movement.

The RMSM met up with the OBS (Order of the Black Sun) and gave them the notion they can join the RMSM, or die. The OBS due to their Aryan Hitler Youth up bringing refused to join the RMSM. There was a war... one of the longest that the RMSM knew to have had. It lasted about three years.

El Cupicabre was a mounted pet Raptor of the Space Mongrels... that was let loose in South America, in the struggle between the Raptor Mounted Space Mongrels and the Order of the Black Sun.

Let's jump over to the States. See, NASA was the group that brought the Americans to space. Many of them are Muslim. Muslims tend to be very scared of Genghis Khan--scared he may return to them, for killing his messenger. For perfectly good reason too. NASA was the best and the brightest--until they got to the moon. That was when the downfall of NASA began.

Even worse, each President has wanted to tell the people, that they have made contact. There is just something about that moment, where you are on camera, and you want to tell the people of the world, that there is life up there. They are Raptor Mounted Space Mongrels lead by the Biological Engineered Enhanced version of Genghis Khan. That moment, where your brain just shorts circuits, as you need to figure out: "okay, how in the hell do I explain this to the American people? No, this is just fvcking nuts. Little men with big heads and black eyes and little wobbly bodies, they'd believe in an instant. They are expecting that. Space Mongrels mounted on Dinosaurs? They are never going to swallow that... they will think I am too unfit to be president. They'd panic... hell, little green men, they'd celebrate... but we made contact with Space Mongrels? Suddenly all those FBI and CIA type ideas make so much sense."

This is also why NASA has been charged with making peace with the Muslim world. As until that happens, we will never get anything done in space. Because of Space Mongrels... riding Raptors.

The End

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